These are the 80's

Its been a while since I last put together a Disco mix so another installment is well overdue. Here's a selection of Soul and Disco all the way (well nearly all the way) from the 1980's....

Ben – I would have to be a fool
Kenix feat Bobby Youngblood– There’s never been (nobody but you)
Bobby Bowens & The Shades of Magic – Gonna Love Somebody
Arnie Love & The Lovetletts – We Had Enough
T.M.S feat Jimmy Graham – Get the Feelin
Rhyze – Just how sweet is your love
Cecil Lyde – I’ll Make it on my own
Popcorn – Song for you
First Family – First Family
Vaughan Mason & Butch Cassidy – Feel My Love
Breeze – Just In the nick of time
Eddie Kendricks – I’m In Love with You
Wizzard – These are the Eighties (Club Mix)
William Bell – Heavy on the love side
Trace of Smoke - Treasure Mind
First Family – Slow Motion
Jady Kurrent Band – Standing There
Janette Renee – Whats on Your Mind



I thought it was time to dig the MPC out of the loft to see if I can still remember how to use it. Here's some beats I came up with, featuring acapellas from the nineties. Peep the photos for some of the samples.



It's about that time for another Hudson sure shot! This is the return of House Breaks, the leftovers from volume one. However we're not talking a month's worth of turkey sandwiches, we're talking premium biscuits all the way!!!



J Squared brings the latest instalment of the 12x12 mix series. He's put together a sublime selection of Jazz, Funk and Disco classics. Personal favourites include Josephine, Byrd, Battan and Mandel but the Arrington will always hold a special place in my heart (original 25p 7" from Woolworths back in the day.)


House Hop


Now I know this has been done before but I couldn't let it lie I had to do it again. A 60 Minute mix of House related Hop and Hop related House. Don't scared press play and record.

Technicolour, day glow design by Philmartin .

1. Kool Rock Steady & Sundance – Aint No Stopping Hip House
2. King Sun – On the Club Tip
3. Seville – Keep Ya Movin
4. Lady Supreme – I’m That Type of Girl
5. Chill Rob Gee – Make It
6. Special Ed – Club Scene
7. KC Flight – Let’s Get Jazzy
8. The Break Boys – And The Break Goes On
9. Chuck Chill Out & Cool Chip- Rhythm Is The Master (Acapella)
10. Epmd – I’m Housin’ (White Noise mix)
11. Epmd – It’s Time To Party
12. Fingers Inc – Can You Feel It (Let The Rhythm Hit Em’ Acapella)
13. Black Rock & Ron - Black Rock & Ron (UK Mix Together Forever)
14. ATCQ – Footprints (Doc Brown Mix)
15. Double Jay – Bless The Funk
16. Nitro Deluxe - This Brutal House
17. Craig G – Turn This House
18. Jungle Wonz – Movin On’ (Acapella)
19. Edward Crosby & Singing DJ – Party Time Remix
20. The DOC – Portrait Of A Masterpiece (CJ Edit)
21. M & M – Get Off Your Butt
22. Adonis - No Way Back
23. Men At Work (Acapella)
24. JM Silk– Music Is the Key
25. Jamose – Megablast
26. Raw (Acapella)
27. Underground Solution – Love Dancin’
28. Longsy D – Ska
29. Open Up Your Mind (Acapella)
30. Doug E Fresh – Summertime
31. Masters at Work – Alright Alright


In The Dub Garden Part 1

Here's a Roots, Reggae compilation. This time around I've focused on Dub records from the early Nineteen Nineties which was a bit of a revival period for the music especially here in the UK and Europe.

This one goes out to all those who religiously tuned in to Joey Jay on Sunday evening or listened to Manasseh, whilst driving back from town, in the small hours of Sunday morning.

Gonorstein - In The Dub Garden Part 1
by Gonorstein

1.Danny Red & Lidj Ishu - Only Tafari
2. Jah Woosh & Mixman - Ethiopa Invasion
3. Michael Prophet - Struggler
4. Igad - Brutality
5. Luciano - Wicked Haff Run Wey
6. Tafari - Vulture
7. Raw Deal - Live Good
8. Alpha & Omega - Rastafari
9. Rupie Dan & Jennifer Gad - Marcus Sey
10. Third World - Lives in the Balance
11. Epistles of Dub - Jah Inspiration dub
12. Abba Shanti I - Zulu Warrior
13. Dread & Fred - Down Too Long
14. Sister Raheda - Give Jah Praise
15. Tena Stelin - Sun & Moon
16. Martin Cambell - Richman
17. Hughie Izachaar - Line Up
18. Yao - Gunman
19. Jonah Dan - Meditation Rock
20. Dub Judah - Revelation News
21. B. Spence - Sons of Fari
22. Zion Train - Power Two


A Brand New Import, Fresh Off The Plane!


Here's a website that comes highly recommended. It's a site dedicated to The Boss Mike Allen's Capital Radio Show. A broadcast that gave me and I should imagine many others they're first taste of HH and Electro in Eighties.


Beats, Beats And More Beats

Here's a selection of beats I made around five or six years ago along with some of the records I used to make them. I Didn't get around to adding any acapellas so if you want feel free to sing along.


Graduation Special Mix

I've finally dusted off the mixer, jump started the turntables and hit play and record. Here's a back to basics mix of classic, personal favourite Hip Hop - and why not? All from an era when I was busy achieving an F, G and not forgetting a U in my GCE's (good years) .

A Graduation Special - (Gonorstein must do better)

1. Schooly D - Gangster Boogie
2. Castle D - Just Saying Fresh Rhymes
3. JVC Force - The Force is the Boss
4. Alliance - We can get used of this
5. Positive K - A Good Combination
6. Three Dog night - I can hear you calling
7. Chubb Rock - Caught up
8. Faze One - Get Busy
9. Too Nice - Cold Facts 45 King Mix
10. Black Rock & Ron - I'm tired Of all This
11. EMF - Rough Potential
12. Trouble Funk Express
13. Whizz Kid & YSL - Lets Get it On
14. Massive Attack - Any Love
15. Whizz Kid & YSL - Kick the Bass
16. QBC - Back to School (3 R's Mix)
17. MC Mello - Wize
18. Positively Black - Think like your enemy
19. Stezo - Put your body into it
20. TYB - Snoopy
21. YZ G-Rock - In the Party
22. Pal Joey - Runaway
23. Lak Shabazz - Adding on
24. A perfect fit - If you only knew
25. TYB - New Thing
26. Earl The Poet - High Noon


The Lost Tribe of Lakim

I think i might have to start a Lakim Shabazz appreciation society.
He's definitely one of my favourite Mc's of all time.

Here's a rare video from his highly underrated 2nd LP. I'm guessing they spent the album's promotional budget on a trip to the pyramids?


Look Out Kid!

I always remember this track from the Mike Allen show. I could never work out who the track was by as I had it on a tape with no writing on the cover. But it used to get alot of rewinds in my Sanyo boombox and I can even remember the old man tapping his slipper to it (i think he used to rock doubles of the original back in the day.)

Wack Attack - Subterranean Homesick Blues (Look out kid)


Round and round the maypole

The new Soulman is getting maximised rotation in the house at the moment. It's a pretty extensive compilation of folk/psych songs entitled Beautiful. In fact it's so extensive i reckon the only thing missing is maybe a little corn rigs  or maypole action to finish it off.

Check out Vol 1 & Vol 2